Watch as You Walk Through

(March 23, 2016)

We are in a sellers’ market so the stress is on for the buyers to make decisions fast.  So as a buyer keep your eyes open.

There’s nothing worse than finding a great home only to discover that it’s a money pit waiting to happen. Let’s face it, sellers won’t always disclose everything that’s wrong. The disclosure statement covers a lot but in the end buyer beware.

No house is ever as “perfect” as it... read more.

Market Update February 2016

(March 11, 2016)

Sunshine Coast Detached Listings
Sales up by 93 % over the previous year

There are currently 315 detached listings on the Sunshine Coast. This is down one listing from January in which there were 316 detached listings. Detached sales year-to-date ending February 29, 2016: 127 sales, in 2015: 66 sales; in 2014: 51 sales, and in 2013: 53 sales. The current market's hot price range is between $301,000... read more.