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About Kenan and Sarah MacKenzie Personal Real Estate Corporation

MacKenzie Real Estate Team was created when Sarah, Kenan's daughter, joined him in Real Estate over 4 years ago. Kenan with 30 years of experience and Sarah with over 4 years of experience have a combined nearly 35 years of helping clients buy and sell Real Estate. "It is so rewarding being able to help our clients in their next steps, we are lucky to do what we do" - Sarah

Kenan was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast and has raised his two daughters here. The Sunshine Coast is a very safe community and Kenan's favourite thing to do with his daughters when they were young was to go to the beach. They would spend hours turning over rocks and looking for sea creatures. There is still lots for families to do on the Sunshine Coast many years later. 

Over Kenan's lifetime, he has seen a lot of change on the Sunshine Coast but one aspect has remained the same, the sense of community. Whenever a community member needs help, the other community members rally together to help them. 

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