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Needs & Wants

When buying a home there are two things to satisfy: your needs and your wants. Kenan’s goal is to satisfy your needs along with as many wants as possible. Wants tend to be emotional and needs tend to be logical.

Kenan will do everything he can to find a home for you. He will keep you up to date on recent listings and sales and show you all the homes you want to see. Any real estate needs you have, you can call Kenan first.

If there are any other homes that you see advertised (signs, newspaper, or otherwise) Kenan can get the keys or book the appointment to show them to you, even if they have open houses.

This allows Kenan to provide the best representation of you, their client, and find you the best home.

Remember, the perfect home is yet to be built.

When you are looking at a house you are looking at someone else`s lifestyle. The key is to visualize what will be not what is now – concentrate on the floor plan, structure and condition.

Some people don’t want to buy because they are waiting for their incomes to increase, but as incomes go up, so do the the prices of homes! With that in mind, the home you want may always be unattainable.

The key is to get into the market now.

Kenan is a great resource when it comes to finding ways to find the home that you can afford and enjoy.

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