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Our Reviews

“Selling my home was one of the most difficult and heart wrenching experience of my life, and working with Kenan MacKenzie, a realtor with the experience, knowledge and sympathy made this less harder for me. I would recommend Kenan to anybody.”

Sandra, 2021

“During the pandemic, moving from the North Shore to a more ‘rural’ area and ferries/‘essential travel’ all combined to make my house purchase somewhat stressful. BUT Sarah was always positive, helpful, informed, well educated on the operations of a house, and a knowledgeable calming influence. She was always ‘on the spot’ and available in person, phone or devices in an extremely timely manner.”

Harvey, 2021

“Kenan and Sarah went above and beyond when it came to selling my father’s house. My brother and I, were handling the sale and we don’t live in area and I thought it would be difficult as I needed to get certain documents from the District. Kenan and Sarah handled everything they picked up documents for us, Kenan weed whacked the property to try and locate the pin and he made arrangements for us to have the property surveyed and to have the septic pumped etc… They were great in letting us know about all the showings and gave us feedback. If you are looking for great realtors who go the extra mile you should hire Kenan and Sarah, they are an excellent team and they did an awesome job!”

Ann, 2020

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