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Sell with the Realtors who know the Market and the Coast.

First, we meet with you, generally in person, to give you some comparables of houses similar to yours currently or recently sold in the Real Estate Market on the Sunshine Coast BC. After that, we find a price that you are comfortable with Listing at. ​


Once those logistics are dealt with, we then dive in to marketing your home. Within the first couple of days of Listing, you can expect a Virtual Tour on YouTube, a post on Instagram and Facebook with either photos or a short video, and for the Listing to appear under the 'Listings' tab of our website. If you have specific aspects of your home you would like to see highlighted, don't hesitate to let us know.

After the initial marketing, there will be at least a once per month post on social media (Instagram and Facebook) highlighting your home and a weekly Virtual Tour report, which shows you how many people are watching the Virtual Tour on YouTube.

You can also expect to be updated on how showings on your home went and for us to negotiate the best possible price for your home.


Tell us about your property and book your Free Market Evaluation!

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